Monday, November 14, 2011

The Beginning

Hello All- Welcome to my artistic, crafty, crazy world of projects, my life in a fish bowl.  I was recently laid off from my job and my unemployed life is driving me bonkers.  Always being the crafty person and enjoying any type of art I decided that I would share it with the world. 

So a little bit more about me, I am from Minnesota so I know my four seasons almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction, lol.  I went to school for photography and have slowly been working on my wedding and portrait business.  I have always been interested in art I can remember drawing on the back of Piggly Wiggly ads (we don't have these in MN, I lived in TX for a while in my younger years) at the age of four.  I learned how to sew on a sewing machine at the age of ten from my aunt before that I was hand sewing clothes for Barbie.  As I got older more and more things that dealt with crafting or art attracted my attention.  I went to two different private art colleges one I did not finish.

My arts and crafts closet in my studio.
I have always been a do it yourself kind of girl.  I was making white cakes from scratch when I was seven or eight (separating the yolk from the whites with out a separator).  I had my dad show me how to work on my car so I didn't have to bring it to the shop.  I also worked with my dad for a summer finishing basements so I learned all kinds of things that ways.  This spring I tiled the bathroom floor myself.

I am getting married June 2012 and it is a very handmade wedding so there will be some wedding crafts shown on here.  I'm excited to share with everyone and hope that I get a following.

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